• Affordable clothing styling service


    Spend less time in your closet and make

    more time to enjoy life.

    Affordable clothing stylist services,

    leave all the hard work to me!





  • What I Do

    Look like a million bucks, without having to compromise your pockets and lifestyle.


    How I can serve you?

    My goal is to make you look like a million bucks on your terms.

    I am willing to work with ALL budgets for all occasions, events, including closet makeovers. I can make more space for new finds, donate your old treds and shop with you in person or even over the phone.

    Savage Barbie Story

    What she is made of: A little goya, sugar and everything stylish

    With over 10 yrs of experience in retail, styling and assisting my inner circle for special occasions. I am ready to bring my services to the you!

    Born and raised in New Jersey, my single mother moved us from town to town for the first 12 years of my life.

    I became a chameleon of my environment and have always managed to look my best without having to compromise my pockets or comfort. Fashion is my escape and a form of self expression! NO matter the budget, day , or events I will make sure you look your best -SB

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